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This is a campaign that takes the players from the initial outbreak of the Living Dead to a world war-torn and forever changed. The normal rules of society, law, order, and decency are out the window. Gone. Forget about them. Luxury isn’t a good movie, a new video game, or finally affording that dream home. It’s being able to fall asleep at night, managing to wakeup the next morning, and having survived another day without becoming a Living Dead. It’s being able to find food enough to keep you moving throughout the day, or something to burn to keep warm when the nights get cold. Welcome to the war for survival . . . the War of the Dead.


It’s important to note that the modern day concept of the zombie in film and literature is owed almost in its entirety to George A. Romero, beginning with his 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead.” In the setting of War of the Dead, Romero never made that film or any of its sequels and, as a result, the concept of the Living Dead never existed in film or print.
Characters in War of the Dead are totally unfamiliar with the Living Dead. The idea of the dead reanimating, the possibility of a bite being one possible method of Infection, or the need to destroy the brain when combating the Living Dead is alien to them when the outbreak first takes place. Such knowledge should come only through experience, and through life-and-death encounters.

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